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Greece accused of refugee ‘pushback’ after family avoid being forced off island

By Katy Fallon, The Guardian

Story of Palestinians who hid on Samos to escape deportation to Turkey appears to be ‘proof’ that pushbacks continue, claim rights groups.

After reaching Samos, Aisha hid in the mountains with her three children.

“We found out the others had been caught and deported back to Turkey, but I made up my mind to stay on the island at any cost and even live on water for many days. I didn’t want to go back to Turkey.”

To get more information about this case and to learn more about the work of HRLP, you can watch the documentary published on Arte in June 2021, by Olivia Dehez: 'Grèce : refoulements illégaux en Mer Egée' (NB : available in French with English subtitles).

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